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Taste the Difference of Grass-Fed Meat

Here at Snow Bound Bison, we specialize in bison and only offer the healthiest grass-fed bison meat around. Our bison, commonly known as buffalo, live as naturally as possible here in Barron, Wisconsin, providing the best-tasting meat money can buy.

Bison Meat

Our bison are allowed to feed naturally in grass fields and are not force-fed in high-density pens. Along with the bison, all our animals are 100% grass-fed with no growth hormones or steroids, leaving you with natural, chemical-free chicken, bison, and more. Feel free to ask for help with preparation.

About Our Bison Meat
Chicken Dish

Unlike more familiar meats, you may not be aware of the nutritional information behind bison meat. That’s why we’re here! We believe that the more people learn about bison meat, the more they will include it in their diet, especially after giving it a taste.

Health Information

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